The New Book from Alexis Mohr

Why was I born?

Where will I go when my life is over and I leave this world?

What will happen to my relationships when I die?

Are the threats and promises of the world’s religious books true and, if so, what does that mean for me and my loved ones? 

Why has my life been so difficult and painful?

Will I ever learn the “lessons” that seem to plague me?

These and many other questions we have all asked ourselves are answered in this fascinating book that comes to us from the world where all consciousness is One and where we experience the truth that We Are God. Find out who you really are and discover the eternal principles which underlie your life and all life. Learn how to bring your spiritual and earthly development under your conscious direction. Understand why you should not despair when circumstances and your own behavior seem to elude your control. Learn why searching for yourself is the search for God. “Lay aside your false knowing,” and enter the comfort, wisdom and joy of We Are God. 

“I’ll value the deep wisdom of this book for a lifetime. When I’m reading it, I feel like I’m sitting in a bamboo forest and listening to a most loving and personal teacher share profound understanding of this world and beyond. I’ve read many Wisdom books and this one sits among the best for clarity and clean depth.” – Obadinah Heavner

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This beautifully written little treasure is more than just a teaching on love; it is filled with inspiring insights into the nature of transcendence, life, death, reincarnation, and the necessity of struggle. We Are God portrays all sentient life as consciousness that is impelled toward spiritual union with all that exists in the vast expanse of eternity and assures us that the path to union is transcendent love. We are not adrift in a savage world, forsaken by a fickle, reclusive deity. We are here on our own authority to experience and perfect love because it is our very nature to do so. And the first step in perfecting love is recognizing that what we think of as God is not other but you and I right here, right now. And as we cultivate our capacity to love ourselves, others and the planet we inhabit, we see that the very numinosity that we mistook for God is the radiance of our own eternal nature shining forth through our lives and reflected back to us in the lives of others. We are, in fact, that which we seek disguised in our own familiar forms. How we connect to our spiritual nature and our life purpose, how we incorporate them into our daily lives, and how we open our hearts to those around us are among the lessons in this wonderful little book, which pours forth from the very core or our own human heart.

20 Responses to The New Book from Alexis Mohr

  1. bmw olje says:

    Very good article, cheers.

    • Brett says:

      We need more people to wake up to the fact “We are God”… Thanks for telling the truth through all adversity

  2. Mike says:

    Theirs so many things id like to discuss with others who are enlightened. I understand life, we are the most perfect beings in eternity, im looking to make a power conection. Reply to fufill our destiny.

    • alexismohr says:

      I don’t think that we’re the most perfect beings in eternity, but I know that many of us are on a deliberate journey toward a higher plane. I suggest that you not make assumptions about other people being enlightened. We all work with what we have—our life experience and our emotions. Work with these and observe yourself without judgment. This will aid you on your journey.

    • Rich says:

      Have you written anything that explains where you are at on the journey?

      • alexismohr says:

        Dear Rich,

        I’ve been thinking about your question for days. Everyone wonders about this, some of us often. I am going to write an article in response. I hope you watch for it. I’m working on another piece right now but will answer your question in an article in the next few weeks. Thanks very much for visiting and for your thoughtful question. Best, Alexis

    • cautious says:

      Im enlightened and interested

  3. Lachlan says:

    I am sure we are not God. We can desire to be homogenous with God. Men do not create nor control the material universe nor can we control completely our response to emotion. This is why a need was found for salvation from our guilt which we inevitably experience and which can separate us from the truth.

  4. Everything says:

    If you flesh out the idea of an all seeing, all knowing, and all controlling being, and I mean really imagine what that would look like, you’ll end up with the world we are in. There is no where to be in the journey, because you are not separate from it. You, I, we ARE it. This is the must humane and logical view of our existence and puts full control and responsibility of the world in our laps.
    We are only confused and lost because we wanted it this way. If you were a god, you would get bored of knowing everything and would eventually want a surprise. This is where you would find ourselves (grammar error intended).

    Tat Tvam Asi :)

  5. joy_season says:

    All we are is part’s of the Unuverse whome is having a human experiance
    it is we human’s who are becoming one with the Unuverse
    all of us are becoming what we are part’s of the Unuverse becoming one with thw Unuverse is our sacred journey our collective goal.

  6. Joy Season says:

    All we are is the Unuverse we are in rpoces to become one with the Unuverse who we are what we are
    the quality of our proces is dicided by how we react to this proces!!

  7. Joy Season says:

    Miss Mohr it take’s currige to say whta’s in our heart’s thank you for saying and talking about the tings that matter yes we are god we are souls becoming one woth the Unuverse the surce of All everything that’s sacred again thank you love you!

  8. Joy Season says:

    We are wath we say we are we are what we do we are we are wath we become we are it’s a challinge to walk tha sacred proces dont make it harder by reacting with fear
    Embreace this momen all of us are great souls in proces becoming one with our Unuverse the surce of all live and more!

  9. solomon says:

    we are not GOD but we have GOD’s soul

  10. Devon Mitchell says:

    Yes the truth is we are God, we are responsible for everything that happens on this plane. Some have more of “God” than others whether it’s good or bad, because we are both. Hitler was fill with more bad than good and because a people worshiping him and giving him more power even thou he was evil, made him more powerful. True we are imperfect and as God, we are still in our infancy learning about ourselves, so you cannot blame the “devil” or a “god” for what you did, or what others did, you scape goat is YOU! We are the ones to blame, not anyone else. This give a answer for “Why does God let bad things happen” i.e, abortion, murder, rape etc. etc. because we “God are NOT perfect! We are in control, we are the ones to blame, this is a constant struggle between good and evil and the collective souls who choose their path, however we are all effected by the actions of others God, like mentioned some have more of “God” in them than others. When one worships “God” they are loving themselves and loving one another..Love is the key, hate destroys many teachers throughout history have taught this truth, and that we are indeed God…..

  11. Tony Diaz says:

    I am a spirit filled Christian who has memorized several new testament books and retranslated poorly translated words, I studied from the original texts only to find out the bible isn’t a history book but a mystery book revealing (apokalipto) your identity (diakiosis) or justification. All humanity is at a loss of who they are and find themselves being one of two sources, Satan or God of which consequently no man seen either. Jesus became sin so we could become Him, the greek word for reconciliation is katalasso it means mutual exchange. We were God,we became sin God became sin God became us God or properly said He remade us in His image. Christians want to be God without God so that is why they are arrogantly exclusive on who enters heaven. Their own dogma is what exalts them above a God who has paid the price of death for ALL humanity. Learning to be God is what the father wants us to do notice they are two different beings claiming t be one. Interesting.

  12. GOD says:

    God is INFINITE, meaning filling ALL space and ALL time and beyond into infinity, there is nothing BUT GOD.. there is NO personal ‘self’ calling themselves Alexis Mohr, or Tony diaz. If GOD is to be revealed AS everything, then there are NO ‘other’ selves or ‘identities. Simple.

  13. We are all good & bad,because of our pain,teachings,confusion,upbringings & all that we have endured,but not everyone is Evil…Life is full of lessons,A learning process,that’s why we are forgiven when we ask for it,we are imperfect,but striving for perfection,brings us closer to God & The more Spiritual we Become,more whole & gain more wisdom,Those who are heartless,bitter & selfish can become Evil…The devil can be both,male or female…A negative,jealous hearted ball of energy us humans create…We can become God & Find the God within us when we allow God to enter our hearts,be filled with his Holy spirit,worship him,love one another & allow God to use us…We have forgotten who we are & we are the key to a lot of things…we hold the power,but only thru God…The Holy Spirit,can we find it,God is the light when we are lost,the love when we feel unwanted,…God alone is God,but we have a choice as humans to join sides! #Queenbiz

  14. janis mccain says:

    I’m not a follower but it’s nice to know there are others like me and that is comforting. It only makes sense that we are God and that sets you free.

  15. Kiden says:

    It might just be semantics, but avoids inflating our importance I think if we instead say : we are the thing we refer to as ‘god’. We are not god, we just are just human beings – one of the billion life forms that earth will support through its history. We came, and we’ll go, just like dinosaurs and dodos. Good and evil are temporary constructs we invented to enable us to live in sustainable groups, but in the end they’re just temporary judgements of animal behaviour that are meaningless, and that’s ok.

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